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The social stigma of a domestic violence conviction is exhausting. Just being accused is as debilitating as criminal conviction. When your reputation, your job, and your living situation may all be at risk. Working with Carreras Law Group can help protect your freedoms.  Kara Carreras can help protect your reputation and help you avoid the devastating consequences of a criminal conviction.

The Carreras Law Group, P.C., firm’s Fort Worth domestic violence defense lawyer has extensive professional experience. Kara Carreras has represented individuals facing such charges for over 20 years. Whether you are a professional or a partner currently going through divorce, turn to attorney Kara Carreras. She dedicates her efforts to defend your rights. Let Kara protect your record throughout the process.

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Certainly, Kara have profound experience in criminal legal counseling and help defending her clients held with charges of domestic assault. Kara completely understands the emotional difficulties and offers passionate legal counsel to her clients. Whether you are involved in a misunderstanding or falsely accused, just don’t hesitate to call your premier Fort Worth criminal Lawyer at 817-318-6022 now.

What is an assault bodily injury?

Did you know that you can be accused of assault without any physical evidence? There does not have to be visible injuries for you to be charged? Domestic abuse or family violence can be any person you dated (however short that dating relationship was), a person you live with, have children with, your parent and spouse or ex-spouse.

Just being arrested or accused of assault bodily injury of a family member can lead to terrible consequences. You can lose your job, housing and even contact with your children. The courts can impose stringent conditions during the pendency of the case that was interfere with your every day life.

Reach out to Carreras Law Group today. You need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who knows exactly what you are going through and can take the right approach for any case.

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Texas Domestic Assault Laws

Domestic assault law differs from Texas’ simple assault law in only one way—domestic assault involves family violence for those who are close with the alleged assailant.

This crime involves physical, sexual, or psychological violence or abuse against a/an:







Also, this is another special circumstance surrounding domestic violence charges. Here, a police officer can arrest someone without having witnessed any part of the incident. Therefore, this raises questions that whether the arrest involved the perpetrator or the victim. Unknowingly, whether any type of assault actually took place or not.

carreras law group Offers Aggressive Defense against All Domestic Violence Charges

Indeed, the state of Texas maintains strict domestic violence laws. Besides, multiple charges may get levied against the accused.

Kara Carreras represents clients charged with all types of domestic violence offenses, including:

domestic violence

Domestic Assault

In addition, individuals who commit physical violence are charged with domestic assault. Apart from this, individuals who make threats of physical violence against a family member may be accused as well. Consequently, for individuals without a prior history of related charges, domestic assault is classified as a misdemeanor. However, if a history of domestic violence exists, domestic assault may be classified as a felony offense.


Aggravated domestic assault

Meanwhile, individuals who cause serious physical violence or commit violence may be charged with aggravated domestic assault. Alongside, this also includes individuals making threats of violence involving a deadly weapon. Additionally, aggravated domestic assault is classified as a first- or second-degree felony in the state of Texas.

sex crime

Continuous violence against the family

Certainly, individuals who commit multiple domestic assaults in a 12-month period may face additional charges. Consequently, this is with respect to continuous violence against the family. Meanwhile, a third-degree felony, continuous violence against the family carries stiff penalties. Also, this is in addition to the underlying domestic assault charges

Domestic Violence Diversion Program

Finally, this pre-trial diversion program allows certain defendants an opportunity to avoid the traditional court process. In fact, they can instead participate in a non-adversarial probation process. Actually, this process provides tools to use to avoid future instances of violence. So, you may be successful in meeting the terms of your probation. Hence, the prosecution will drop its charges against you. Thus, your record will remain clean.

Protect Your Record & Reputation

Additionally, connect us to learn if you are eligible for Fort Worth’s pre-trial diversion program. Or, reach us to determine which defense strategies may be available to you. Hence, contact The Carreras Law Group, P.C today for a free in-office consultation. Hence, save your rights, freedom and reputation with us.

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