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Aggressive Defense in Fort Worth.

The social stigma of a domestic violence conviction is nearly as debilitating as its criminal consequences. Your reputation, your job, and your living situation may all be at risk. By working with a attorneys focused on keeping any family violence off your criminal record, you can protect your good name and reputation while avoiding the devastating consequences of a criminal conviction.

At The Carreras Law Group, P.C., the firm’s Fort Worth domestic violence defense lawyer has extensive experience representing individuals facing these kinds of charges. Whether you are a professional seeking to keep your record and reputation clean, or you are a partner currently going through divorce, turn to attorney Kara Carreras. She dedicates her efforts to defending your rights and protecting your record throughout the process.

Contact The Carreras Law Group, P.C. today for experienced counsel in the face of a domestic violence arrest or charge. Call or contact the firm online.

Contact The Carreras Law Group, P.C. today for experienced
counsel in the face of a criminal arrest or charge. Call or contact us online.

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Texas Domestic Assault Laws

Domestic assault law differs from Texas’ simple assault law in only one way—domestic assault involves family violence for those who are close with the alleged assailant.

This crime involves physical, sexual, or psychological violence or abuse against a/an:







Another special circumstance surrounding domestic violence charges is that a police officer can arrest someone without having witnessed any part of the incident. This raises questions of whether the arrest involved the perpetrator or the victim, or whether any type of assault (either actual injury or threat of imminent injury) took place.

carreras law group Offers Aggressive Defense against All Domestic Violence Charges

The state of Texas maintains strict domestic violence laws, with multiple levels of charges levied against those accused of harming a relative or household member.

Kara Carreras represents clients charged with all types of domestic violence offenses, including:

domestic violence

Domestic Assault

Individuals who commit physical violence or make threats of physical violence against a family member or household member may be charged with domestic assault. For individuals without a prior history of related charges, domestic assault is classified as a misdemeanor. If a history of domestic violence exists, domestic assault may be classified as a felony offense.


Aggravated domestic assault

Individuals who cause serious physical violence or commit violence or make threats of violence involving a deadly weapon may be charged with aggravated domestic assault. Aggravated domestic assault is classified as a first- or second-degree felony in the state of Texas.

sex crime

Continuous violence against the family

Individuals who commit multiple domestic assaults in a 12-month period may face additional charges of continuous violence against the family. A third-degree felony, continuous violence against the family carries stiff penalties in addition to those stemming from the underlying domestic assault charges

Domestic Violence
Diversion Program

This pre-trial diversion program allows certain defendants the opportunity to avoid the traditional court process and instead participate in a non-adversarial probation process that provides tools to use to avoid future instances of violence. If you are successful in meeting the terms of your probation, the prosecution will drop its charges against you and your record will remain clean.

Protect Your Record
& Reputation

To learn if you are eligible for Fort Worth’s pre-trial diversion program, or to determine which defense strategies may be available to you in defeating the prosecution’s case against you, contact The  Carreras Law Group, P.C today for a free in-office consultation.

For more information call Carreras Law Group at (817) 318-6022.

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Very pleased with Mrs. Kara she went above and beyond to help my brother-in-law. Would highly recommend her she is on top of ...

Xylia Perez

Today's legal system, like our government, is corrupted by misguided ideologies, spineless politicians, & corporate finan...


I have known Kara since her days in Law School and have followed her career since then. She is extremely professional and a t...

Kenneth Upchurch

Very professional, very honest, I really recommend them. (Original) Muy profesional muy honesta en verdad se las recomiendo ...

Ana Ramirez

Most reviews are a collection of flowery endorsements that read well but carry little weight. I don't do flowery. I'm a 68 ye...

George Carte

I cannot thank Ms. Carreras enough! The time, effort and personal commitment she took to resolve a family legal situation wen...

Doreen Labit

Both my fiance and I were charged with the same bogus charges and Ms. Carreras swiftly dealt with my fiance's case in two app...

Raymond Prater

Kara Carreras is such a great attorney. She really dug deep into my case to find all the necessary details. Kara got me off o...

Sherman Allen

By far Kara Carreras is the best attorney myself or my family has dealt with. She treated us like family. She consistently ke...

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    Tarrant County DA & Misdemeanor Marijuana Cases in 2020


    Fort Worth Defense Blog by Kara Carreras

    Tarrant County DA & Misdemeanor Marijuana Cases in 2020

    The Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office may be how it handles misdemeanor marijuana cases.

    The Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office on Monday, Nov. 23 said misdemeanor marijuana cases don’t need to clog up the court system. The office shared how people charged with possession of less than two ounces of marijuana can get that charged dismissed.

    Anyone who has an outstanding misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana and then has three clean drug tests in three months will have their charges dismissed. There were 3,750 such cases filed in 2019, according to the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office.

    “When you bring proof of three months of sobriety – 90 days – the charge will be dismissed,” said Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney Sharen Wilson. “Get sober. Get your case dismissed. Get on with your sober life.”

    The office said the possession of less than two ounces of marijuana was the top offense in Tarrant County in 2019.

    The other frequent offenses were:

    2019 top offenses in Tarrant County

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      New Diversion Program for First Offenders in Tarrant County


      Fort Worth Criminal Law Blog by Kara L. Carreras

      New Diversion Program for First Offenders in Tarrant County

      Deferred Prosecution Initiative in Fort Worth Texas

      Deferred Prosecution Initiative (DPI) is deferred prosecution for first-time offenders. This program is specifically designed for those individuals over the age of 25 with no criminal history.

      You must speak with an attorney experienced in handling Fort Worth criminal cases to find out your eligibility.

      It’s important to get in contact with the lawyer as soon as possible because the deadline for entering into this program is 90 days from the date your case is filed with no exceptions.

      What to Expect in the DPI Program

      During the program, a participant will have to provide three drug follicle tests. If you live in Tarrant County that will be through the probation department in Tarrant County.  The program is still open and available to those who do not reside in Tarrant county, but those individuals are still required to provide hair follicle sample tests from a reputable laboratory where they reside.

      The first hair follicle test does not have to be clean.  The second hair follicle test must be substantially lower or clean. The third test must be clean.

      Program Costs

      The cost of the program is $300.

      Certain participants will be required to take drug and or alcohol classes.

      This program is set to launch November 1, 2020 and cases filed prior to November 1, 2020 will be considered through January 8, 2020.

      In addition to the $300 fee, they will have to pay restitution for lab fees.

      Deferred Prosecution Initiative Eligible Offenses

      Eligible offenses include:

      Limits to Rights for Expunction

      As part of the program, clients will agree to a limited expunction right. The Tarrant county district attorney’s office will maintain record of the name and date of birth of the individuals who completed their dpi program.  The office will maintain these records for five years after the completion of the dpi program. 

      This program is available for people who are out of state and requires no reporting.

      Call Kara Carreras, an experienced Fort Worth Criminal Defense lawyer to help guide you through the process.  

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        Can I get my bail reduced? Bail in Texas


        Fort Worth Defense Lawyer Blog by Kara Carreras

        Can I get my bail reduced? Bail in Texas

        Excessive Bail Isn’t Just Unfair—It’s Unconstitutional

        One Dallas woman was placed in solitary confinement after failing to pay bail—a $500 charge assessed after a misdemeanor. She sued the county for violating state and federal law. In 2016, Harris County also faced a lawsuit over unfair bail practices. Cash bail can be used to discriminate against those accused, but not convicted of, crimes: The reality of many systems nationwide is that anyone arrested and jailed must either pay or stay.

        Increasingly, people cannot afford the prices put on their freedom. The effects of the bail system ripple out; those who cannot afford pre-trial release are more likely to:

        If you’ve been accused of a crime, you deserve a fair chance to defend yourself. Excessive bail assessments have been shown to decrease rather than boost justice. If you’ve been quoted an unfair number just to walk free despite the presumption of innocence, we may be able to help.

        Texas Bail Reform Helps the Accused Return to Their Lives

        After a district judge instructed Dallas county to consider an arrestee’s flight risk when setting bail rather than basing their assessment on predetermined standards, our legislature took up bail reform. Many states have recognized the inherent unfairness of current bail practices.

        Aside from resulting in the detention of people who are completely innocent, high bail amounts can drive families to predatory bail bond lenders. New laws give judges leeway to provide more fitting bail. Inducing them to follow the new guidance has proven a bit harder.

        Our Broken Bail System

        Even last year, after judges were instructed to tailor bail requirements to constituents’ situations, videos showed bail hearings lasting between 15 and 30 seconds. The defendant was given no time to speak, meaning the judge did not even get to hear extenuating circumstances, much less consider them. The new laws requiring a bail hearing within 48 hours of arrest do little good if one party cannot meaningfully participate. Especially for those who don’t have a lawyer to advocate for them, the chance of getting a fair bail remains low.

        Is High Bail Unconstitutional?

        Excessive bail requirements may violate the Fifth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution. The disparity between the law and the reality of our criminal justice system has come under fire in multiple court cases, some of which originated in Texas. District and Circuit Courts have agreed high bail may be unconstitutional.

        Is There a Right to Bail?

        The Eighth Amendment doesn’t explicitly denote that anyone arrested has a right to bail, and the courts have opted for a strict interpretation of the law. A judge is not required to offer a defendant release between their detention and trial. However, this only applies to the most severe cases where a reasonable argument can be made that the defendant’s freedom would endanger others.

        A Lawyer Can Help You Request Reduced Bail

        Under Texas Code, your lawyer must request a second hearing for reduced bail. The law also lays out a list of limitations the court must follow when assigning a bond. Your lawyer can challenge any violations of these rules:

        If the court cannot affirm probable cause for the defendant’s arrest, there are further rules they may be pressed on. A lawyer can help you understand how you may be able to negotiate reduced (and reasonable) bail.

        No matter what happened, you deserve a strong defender to protect your rights. Contact our team online or call (817) 318-6022 to speak with a lawyer today.

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